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CLICK THE BIG GREEN BUTTON TO DONATE - Hello friends and family, including our extended family in the medical cannabis community.  My name is William Owen, and I've been a cannabis activist and evangelist for most of my life. My wife Che' is also a cannabis advocate and patient . I've been a medical cannabis patient for over a decade and my wife has been an MMJ patient for several years as well. We've been able to grow our own cannabis medicine for over a decade and successfully treat my migraine and cluster headaches and my wife's skin conditions by drinking raw cannabis juice made from the plants that we grow.  Raw cannabis juice is not psychoactive and does not get you high. It is essentially a raw vegetable juice.

Colorado State Constitition Amendment 20 allows for the medical usage of cannabis (aka Marijuana). It allows patients to grow as many plants as is recommend by their physician.  This could vary based on your condition. In our case, we are allowed to grow up to 56 plants in order to process and make enough raw juice to treat our medical conditions. RAW Cannabis juice is NOT psychoactive and does not get you high and is one of the most nutritious vegetable juice products you could put into your body. Amendment 20 also allows legal registered medical patients to grow their medicine (plants) outdoors as long as they are "not within public view" and in a locked area. There are many benefits to growing your plants outdoors. One being that the sun provides UVC rays that increase certain compounds in the plant such as CBG and CBD. You cannot get these elevated compound levels by growing indoors because indoor lighting with UVC causes cancer. There is no substitute for mother nature! 

Here's where things get tricky and down right wrong! Many cities and counties in Colorado have adopted what they call a "City Ordinance" that limits the amount of medicine you can grow. It does not take into consideration Amendment 20 and your doctors recommendations. These city ordinances are in direct violation of Amendment 20. A city ordinance cannot supercede Constitutional Law! However, many medical cannabis patients are being threatened, arrested, and forced to take down their medical grows because of this ordinance. The ordinance also states that you must grow your medicine INDOORS. This is very costly, it can be toxic, it takes a lot of space, the medicine is not as good and it's basically a huge science project and is very difficult to produce good clean medicine as you face many challenges with bugs when growing indoors and you may need to use pesticides to kill the bugs which of course is not healthy to ingest. Again, there is no substitute for good organic plants grown outdoors under the sun. There are many people who have very private areas (big or small) where they can grow their medicine outdoors out of public view. Let's say you have 10 acres of land and you grow your medicine right in the middle of that land and it's surrounded by fences, vegetation, etc. and there's no way that anyone can see it. Well........these new city ordinances will not allow you to grow your medicine outdoors even in that scenario. It just makes no sense.

OUR SUCCESSES SO FAR - We successfully defeated part of the Lakewood City Ordinance in regard to "Plant Count" and limiting each home to 6 plants per year. The court ruled that legal medical cannabis patients should and will be allowed to grow the amount of plants recommended by their physician.

WHERE WE NEED HELP - We need to escalate the 2nd issue with the City Ordinance to the County Court system, and that issue is in regard to the OUTDOOR GROWING of medical cannabis plants. We are scheduled to be in county court some time in November of this year. (no date set yet) As you can imagine, this is an expensive venture and requires legal partners that are experts in this area of law.

Both my wife and I are very knowledge in both legal and medical dialogue in regard to medical cannabis and patient rights. However, when taking this to court, we bring some high powered attorneys with us, and this is not cheap!

We are asking our medical cannabis community, friends and family to help us on this journey to defend medical cannabis patient rights and allow us to grow our medicine outdoors under the guidlines of Amendment 20. We have already exhausted our savings defeating the first part of the ordinance in regard to plant count. It was a great victory for all medical cannabis patients. Please help us defeat the other part of this city ordinance in regard to outdoor grow prohibition. There are thousands of medical cannabis patients who cannot afford to grow indoors and simply do not have the space, time and money it requires. Growing your own plants outdoors is very inexpensive and the medicine is much more effective. AND it is very good for the environment and all of mother natures creatures..........ESPECIALLY the bees. Not to mention, it's a beautiful plant.

Please help.........every donation, big or small is much appreciated and we are grateful for your help. Thank you so much in advance :-)